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2011-09-26 18:31:51 by ohmyshit

lolololololollolololololololololololol ololololollololololololololloolololo


2011-08-09 08:03:42 by ohmyshit

Last Tuesday was my birthday ffdseewdsdq

Anyways, omg my brother is taking me to an Anime fest/convention (Animania) this September!!!!11
That's about it.


2011-07-31 07:38:58 by ohmyshit

Behind the scenes


3 days

2011-07-30 02:38:49 by ohmyshit


Anyway, my brother and I finally bought a drawing tablet, or just a tablet. Or however you would like to refer to it.
Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

10 days

2011-07-23 05:02:41 by ohmyshit


But anyway, I found this incredibly smart.
i c wat they did ther.

10 days

Those damn Windows sample pictures.

2011-07-19 08:06:03 by ohmyshit

Oh Mr. Green Sea Turtle, you a slyyyyyyy muthfucka.
And woot fucking toot, Happy 100th post to me!!!1

Those damn Windows sample pictures.

Harry Potter.

2011-07-18 07:57:24 by ohmyshit

Watched it on the release date in Aus, epic bro lolz!!!!11 Too bad it's over.

This piece of art displays the only thing I got out of the movie.
Joke, but I'm a legit artist I swaer!!! Gotta love the HP cast.

Harry Potter.

"Those are some nice tits."

2011-07-18 05:18:01 by ohmyshit

Oh! I didn't know you take an interest in birds.
Sorry, what? You're confusing me. Why are you looking at her chest.

Moral of this - I hate it when guys use the term "tits" infront of me. You make me think you're some perverted bird lover. Lolz joke, but just use the word "boobs" or "breasts" or something.

To more important matters, I haz a new banner! Yey!
Credits to my brother for drawing "Misty", and full credz to whoever drew Perverted Ash. Win.

"Those are some nice tits."

Good morning, Assholes.

2011-07-17 19:34:43 by ohmyshit

I have school tomorrow.

Good morning, Assholes.

lol tv is hilarious.

2011-07-17 08:00:31 by ohmyshit

What in the actual fuck.
I'm watching a documentary about telemarketing in India for the "American Yellow Pages".

Well, not hilarious in the offensive way, but lol. Fucking funny.
This dude got fired because he pronounced Yellow as 'Ello'.
Oh ho ho, what is air you guys, what is air.

Oh wait a minute, it just ended. Well that was a good half hour. A good half hour of fucking nonsense and complete irrelevance toward my life.